A burglar who rifled the safe at a Bradford home for people with mental health problems has been locked up for 28 months.

Drug addict Martin Garber hurled a brick through the window at the home in Harrogate Street, Undercliffe, Bradford, after 11pm on March 5, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.

Prosecutor Claire Larton said Garber, of Fencote Crescent, Fagley, Bradford, then forced a metal grille to get into an office in the cellar at the home.

He broke open the safe and made off with about £1,600 in cash.

Miss Larton said some of the stolen money belonged to residents at the property. There was also rent money and petty cash.

Blood from Garber was found at the scene and he was arrested soon afterwards when his DNA linked him to the crime.

Garber admitted the break-in and handling £3,000 of gold jewellery stolen in a house burglary at Pembrook Street, West Bowling, Bradford, in September last year.

The court heard that Garber and another man were caught on camera at a city pawnbroker sharing £2,565 they received for the jewellery.

Each was seen pocketing half the cash in envelopes.

Garber was arrested when he tried to sell six old coins taken in the break-in back to the householder.

Stephen Couch, for Garber, said he spent the money from the safe on feeding his drug habit.

A toolbox in the office cellar enabled him to crack open the safe with a large screwdriver or metal bar.

“His difficulty and his downfall has been his addiction to drugs,” Mr Couch told the court. He said Garber had been deeply affected by the death of his mother and had returned to abusing drugs after freeing himself from them.

He had been in custody for two months since his arrest for the raid.

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