A Polish house burglar has agreed to be deported from the UK in return for having his prison sentence cut under the Government’s Early Removal Scheme, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.

Patryk Markowski, 18, of Fitzroy Road, Bradford Moor, was locked up for 876 days in November last year.

He has now been charged with another offence of house-breaking after confessing to the crime and 13 further offences when police visited him in his young offender institution.

Judge Christopher Batty was told that Markowski was due to be released on April 21 and returned to Poland. He will never be allowed back into the UK.

But because of the new development, he faced the prospect of delay and an expensive court hearing for the latest charges.

Judge Batty said that if Markowski was leaving Britain next month, any sentence he imposed would be “utterly meaningless”.

“I cannot see any benefit in extending his stay and, effectively, if there’s a boat out of here, he should be on it,” the judge said.

He adjourned the case for seven days for the Crown to decide what to do about it.

The Early Removal Scheme allows many non-British prisoners to cut their sentences short by 270 days if they agree to go back to their country of origin, never to return.