Experience of helping friends with letter-writing has led a former Bradford marketing manager to launch a new business offering will-writing and other creative services.

Peter Gill, of Bank Top, Bradford, has launched Responso Scribimus to provide a range of creative services based on a 21-year career in marketing.

Following redundancy, Mr Gill worked in debt recovery and also helped friends to draft responses to formal letters.

An ambition to study law also led to an interest in will-writing and probate investigation.

As a result, he saw a gap in the market.

He said: "For many people writing their will is the last thing they think about, but it's really important to make a will as otherwise the state has a claim on your assets.

"Making a will takes much less time than sorting things out later and need not be a dismal experience."

Mr Gill will visit clients to draft wills for estates up to the £300,000 inheritance tax threshold.

Responso also offers services including drafting, complaint and arbitration letters, help with completing official forms and contracts.

He is also looking to help companies develop mission statements and corporate brochures.

Mr Gill has been backed by Bradford Kickstart, a Bradford Council programme which has so far helped 450 local business start-ups.

He has also benefited from BizFizz, a community-based business coaching and networking scheme which provides support for people with business ideas.

Locally the scheme operates in Holme Wood, Horton Grange, Shipley and Saltaire and Keighley and is currently coaching around 200 business hopefuls.

It draws on a range of expertise to help people new to business to develop their ideas, as well as helping existing small businesses.

Andrew Gibson, BizFizz coach for the Holme Wood area, said the aim was to give people the confidence and know-how to develop their plans.

BizFizz provides networking opportunities and non-prescriptive coaching.

Mr Gibson said: "It's about creating a framework within which people new to running a business can draw on advice, contacts and potential business leads that come from the groups.

"We don't lead our clients. It is up to them to take out what they want which is part of giving them the confidence to pursue their dreams.

"Peter Gill is a classic example of the type of new entrepreneur that we can help.

"Having found himself out of work and claiming benefits he was determined to get back into work and came along to one of our networking events.

"As a result he was able to develop the confidence and the contacts and ideas to take his idea forward."