Bradford Council has warned chicken factory bosses that “formal legal action” will be taken if bad smells continue to be emitted from the plant.

The Council’s environmental health officers have been in contact with HCF Poultry again this week following further concerns about bad odours drifting through Cullingworth.

Andrew Lodge, Bradford Council’s environmental health manager, said: “HCF Poultry is aware that should problems continue we will take formal legal action if required.”

Last week, Gary Judson, manager of HCF Poultry, met with parish councillors and a Bradford Council environmental health officer following numerous complaints about the smells.

Cullingworth parish councillor Andrew Vaux said: “It was a very positive discussion and we agreed to work together to combat any problems in the future. Mr Judson recognised that there were some ongoing concerns regarding odours and he was very open to discussion.

“They are looking into everything they can do to reduce the smells, such as using a deodoriser and other equipment to relieve the problem.

“We are also going to have regular meetings with them, possibly every six to eight weeks.

“HCF are now aware of the problem and they have said that in no way do they want to be a bad neighbour.”

HCF caused a stink earlier this month when residents complained when smells, caused by an unemptied tank of blood, ruined their summer gala.

Environmental health officers were alerted ahead of the event but were unable to contact the company as it was a weekend. It is believed Bradford Council now has an emergency contact number for the factory.

Further complaints about smells coming from the factory were also made last weekend.

Councillor Simon Cooke (Con, Bingley Rural) said: “The smell was bad again at the weekend, although not as bad as it had been in previous weeks.

“We have raised it with the environmental health officers to ask them what action they are taking”.

HFC did not want to comment.

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