A collision that claimed the life of an elderly pedestrian was "theoretically avoidable", a coroner has ruled.

Norman Frost, 89, was struck by a Volvo estate car while crossing Bingley Road, Saltaire, on a November evening last year.

Mr Frost, of Central Avenue, Shipley, suffered multiple injuries and died three days later in hospital.

Recording an accident verdict today, assistant deputy coroner Paul Marks said an opportunity existed for Mr Frost to be seen by the car driver and the accident could theoretically have been avoided.

The hearing was told Mr Frost's eyesight was good, but he had occasionally misjudged distances in crossing a road.

Ayden Booth, who was standing at a bus stop opposite where the collision took place, said he saw an elderly man on the pavement look to his right and start to cross the road, but then began to hurry as if he misjudged the time he had.

James Gunn, the front seat passenger in his father's Volvo, said an elderly man "just appeared from nowhere".

He shouted "Dad" and his father applied the brakes but the man landed on the bonnet.

PC Mark Pickles said there was "a pronounced darkness" on the Grosvenor Road side of the road but the area where the collision took place was well lit.

The car driver, David Gunn, said he had just stopped at a pedestrian crossing and was travelling at 15-20mph when his son suddenly shouted.

Collision investigator Robert Crisp agreed with the assistant deputy coroner that his calculations suggested the accident was a "preventable occurrence".