Dementia: stigma is still a big problem

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:40am Tuesday 28th October 2014

A QUARTER of people diagnosed with dementia hide the fact for fear of being stigmatised, according to a new report.

Fundraising a family affair for the Kershaws

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:35am Tuesday 28th October 2014

FUNDRAISING for a local charity has become a real family affair for the Kershaws.

Stoptober's focus is on the nation's health

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:30am Tuesday 21st October 2014

PERIPHERAL arterial disease is often associated with older people.

Osteoporosis ‘is underestimated’

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:28am Tuesday 21st October 2014

OSTEOPOROSIS can lead to painful fractures, disability and early death, but continues to be ignored by the general public and neglected by doctors during routine physical check-ups New survey findings released yesterday, which was World Osteoporosis Day, by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), show that on average, 90 per cent of 13,258 adults questioned are unaware of how common osteoporotic fractures are in men. With one in five men aged 50 or over affected by the condition, the data confirm that although common, serious and potentially life-threatening, osteoporosis remains a vastly underestimated and neglected health issue. The multi-national survey, carried out in adults from 12 countries showed that this ignorance was universal and independent of gender or geography.

Helping the fight against cancer

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:25am Tuesday 14th October 2014

MOST of us will have personal experience of breast cancer.

Could Ebola make it into our homes?

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

7:50am Monday 13th October 2014

THE spread of any disease is a cause of great concern.

New anti-booze pill to help people steer clear of alcohol ‘is no miracle cure’

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Drinkers who have half a bottle of wine or three pints of lager a night could be offered a life-saving pill which helps reduce their alcohol consumption.

3:35pm Thursday 9th October 2014

THOSE who have battled drink problems will be aware than it isn't as simple as taking a pill.

VIDEO: How Amy is baring all to raise alopecia awareness with charity calendar role

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:38am Tuesday 7th October 2014

IT WAS while sitting in a hairdressing salon, staring at her reflection in the mirror, that Amy Johnson first saw herself as completely bald.

Flu jabs: what are you waiting for?

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:41am Tuesday 7th October 2014

OLDER people, the very young and those with a health condition such as asthma, diabetes or heart disease, are at “particular risk” from the most serious effects of flu, Public Health England has said.

Education the key to dental health

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:18am Tuesday 7th October 2014

A SMALL piece of cheese eaten before sweets or cakes can help protect your teeth against sugar for an hour. A simple trick that Haworth dentist Tony Kilcoyne has been telling his patients about for decades.

It’s a life-changing journey to be slim

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:33am Tuesday 23rd September 2014

DAYS after celebrating her birthday milestone Pat Nixon’s world fell apart. A celebratory meal to commemorate her 60th birthday had brought great enjoyment to Pat but the following week was, she recalls “the worst week of my life”.

How animals help us stay healthy and well

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:29am Tuesday 23rd September 2014

MANY animal lovers talk about the therapeutic benefits of owning a pet. Vera Scanlon shares her Bradford home with 13 guinea pigs, three cats and a dog and says animals have helped her through the toughest times in her life.

It's not the food that's making us fat – eating is addictive!

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

3:09pm Thursday 18th September 2014

FOOD is often seen as a comfort. Chocolate has long been associated with evoking the feel-good-factor but now, it seems, our behaviour with food may be more psychological than we thought.

Dementia's victims need more support

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:42am Wednesday 17th September 2014

IT IS a devastating condition affecting thousands of people. In West Yorkshire alone there are currently 25,590 living with dementia and 67,630 in Yorkshire and the Humber, according to new figures released by the Alzheimer’s Society.

'How my life was saved by a routine opticians check-up'

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

11:01am Monday 8th September 2014

When Louise Cook booked a check-up at her local opticians, little did she know that it would become a life-changing experience.

Talking therapy was surprising key

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

12:13pm Tuesday 26th August 2014

AS A nurse and then a midwife, Jo Hoffmann was sceptical about alternative medical treatments.

More than 8,000 diabetes patients in Bradford city centre given new 'health passport'

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Dr Adeel Iqbal discusses the new diabetes passport with patient Roxanna Rashid.

7:20am Friday 1st August 2014

MORE than 8,000 people suffering from diabetes in Bradford city centre and its immediate suburbs are to be given a new health passport to ensure they get good quality care to manage the condition.

Marathon effort as Bradford health support groups handed £1,400

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: SUPPORT: Bradford Breath Easy group has received a donation from the pulmonary rehabilitation team at BRI. From left, Benita Ross, Stuart Ross, Moira Gledhill, Kenneth Willis,  Lynne O'Hara, David Ratcliffe, Linda Ratcliffe, Alan Parsons and Trevor Ho

10:44am Thursday 31st July 2014

BRADFORD'S Breath Easy group has been handed hundreds of pounds to keep up its good work - thanks to marathon efforts from a team of physiotherapists and health workers from Bradford Royal Infirmary.

Rise in prescription medication addiction sees drugs charity widening its scope

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Prescription drugs are often sold to family, friends or neighbours, after being obtained from a doctor for a legitimate or exaggerated medical condition

3:55pm Monday 14th July 2014

A RISE in the misuse of prescription drugs, including some over-the-counter medication available at pharmacies, has led a Bradford drug treatment charity to extend its services.

Get that summer glow!

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A Generic  Photo of a woman getting a tan.  See PA Feature BEAUTY Tanning. Picture credit should read: PA Photo/Thinkstock. WARNING: This picture must only be used to accompany PA Feature BEAUTY Tanning.  (7905727)

11:48am Tuesday 8th July 2014

By Lisa Haynes, Press Association

Bradford to be digital health hub with £12m scheme that will create 2,000 jobs

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Announcing the digital health zone are (from left), Dr Liam Sutton, of University of Bradford; Roger Marsh, chairman of the Local Enterprise Partnership, Bradford Council leader David Green, and Eric Hawthorne, a LEP board member

10:27am Friday 4th July 2014

BRADFORD will be at the centre of digital health technology after a £12 million scheme for the city was given Government backing.

Follow pupils' journey with new trip technology

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: John Devlin, headteacher of Our Lady of Victories Catholic Primary School

2:27pm Tuesday 3rd June 2014

A technology developed to protect lone workers and potential kidnap victims is being used to provide children with an inspiring multi-media record of their school trip.

Start early to offer a taste of healthy food

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Fruit and vegetables (6272851)

2:06pm Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Offering infants a frequent taste of vegetables may be a way to turn them on to healthy food, a study suggests.

Exercise classes keep you in tune

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Extend    exercise classes at Bolton Methodist Church help people with a range of health conditions

10:14am Tuesday 27th May 2014

Gerald Briscoe looks forward to his weekly exercise class.

Expert care at the Marie Curie hospice is just ‘ace’!

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Outside the Attentive Care Experts office are, from left,  Kevin Swaine, Kirsty James, Nick James and Charlotte Jackson

9:43am Tuesday 27th May 2014

They say good ideas come from need.

Accident was catalyst for holistic approach

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Sophia Kupse is a holistic therapist who has developed a revolutionary three-way treatment for back pain and stress using massage  techniques, volcanic heat and ice marble called Langellotti  Tri-Therapy

9:32am Tuesday 27th May 2014

It was a cold, crisp December night when Sophia Kupse glanced up to the stars sprinkled across a clear sky, before getting into her car.

Offering parents the right support to cope with crying babies

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Picture by Jon Challicom

8:51am Tuesday 13th May 2014

Parents often feel stressed when trying to soothe their crying child.

How young Emily finds comfort and relief with choir singing

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: How young Emily finds comfort and relief with choir singing

9:22am Tuesday 6th May 2014

Singing is Emily Green’s antidote to pain. Taking the breaths she needs to vocalise is also helping in her rehabilitation following an eight-hour operation to correct her twisted spine caused by a condition she was diagnosed with when she was five months old.

Menopause for thought as women seek advice

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Menopause - you're not on your own

10:02am Tuesday 6th May 2014

The menopause is often portrayed as a bit of a ‘joke’ topic, but for many women experiencing it, it’s anything but.

Spotting the signs of bowel cancer

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Rachel Bown

9:45am Tuesday 22nd April 2014

When Rachel Bown was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer – the worst stage – she was eager to find a way to make sense of the ensuing chaos and distract herself, and so began writing lists.

Kimberley Walsh's auctioned off for charity

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Kimberley Walsh with her former dance teacher and Haven fundraiser Deana Morgan

11:00am Tuesday 8th April 2014

Bradford’s singing star Kimberley Walsh is clearing out her closet – to raise funds for a cause close to her heart.

Learning to live with Parkinson’s disease

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Parkinsons sufferer Rhona Emmot serves tea at East Morton Memorial Institute

10:31am Tuesday 1st April 2014

Rhona Emmot first noticed that something was wrong when her handwriting changed.

Threat to stroke support group is over - for now

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Maxine Gabbitas and her artwork

11:00am Tuesday 18th March 2014

Mick Speed had just put a ready meal in the oven, and was looking forward to washing it down with a pint, when he noticed a feeling of ‘pins and needles’ down his left side.

Focus on good diet for cancer patients

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Haven Manager Debra Horsman with Bradford Chef Jonathan Davies

10:35am Tuesday 11th March 2014

Eating healthily is something we should all do as a matter of course.

There’s no stopping Angela as charity drive runs and runs

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Angela Morley, pictured during the London Marathon, has been bitten by the running bug and is raising money for charity

10:32am Tuesday 11th March 2014

At the age of 35, Angela Morley never thought that she would need a hip replacement, but the discovery of osteoarthritis in her hips led to the decision being made to allow her some respite from the pain.

Smile Centre helps ease chronic pain

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Joy Reeves with Dr Katherine Wright, Dr Frances Cole and Chris Nelson at the Smile Centre in Wrose

8:44am Tuesday 4th March 2014

Cushions bearing ‘Keep Calm’ logos, faux fur throws and a basket of twinkling red fairy lights bring a touch of tranquil glamour to the church hall floor.

Ian offers fitness support to Tour de France riders

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Physiotherapist Ian Blackburn putting professional racer Tom Barras through his paces. Ian will be helping cyclists manage their injuries and maintain fitness during this summer’s Tour de France Grand Depart

8:42am Tuesday 4th March 2014

When Sir Bradley Wiggins pedalled to victory in the 2012 Tour de France, and won an Olympic Gold the same year, the charismatic cycling champion inspired the nation to get on two wheels.

Connie’s Recipe for a healthy lifestyle

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Connie Galilee, centre, who regularly meets up with her friends for a cuppa and a catch up

10:37am Tuesday 25th February 2014

With her floral bomber-style blouson, dusky pink lipstick and mid-heeled black patent shoes, Connie Galilee could give Britain’s most stylish baker – Mary Berry – a run for her money.

Anxiety treatment is on the increase

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: There is a rise in hospital admissions for elderly women with anxiety

10:30am Tuesday 25th February 2014

The stresses and strains of everyday life can take their toll.

Dementia group on song for laughter, memories and friendship

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Music therapist George Murray plays the keyboard for the MemoryWise group at the Kirkgate Centre in Shipley

9:07am Tuesday 18th February 2014

As the opening notes of All The Nice Girls Love A Sailor are played on a keyboard, a couple of voices can be heard softly singing the familiar song, then a few more join in.

Project’s focus on stroke prevention

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Barbara Edwards discovered she had atrial fibrillation

9:30am Tuesday 11th February 2014

It is described as a potential ticking time bomb.

Make sure you keep your mind in shape

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Steve Braithwaite

9:28am Tuesday 11th February 2014

It’s always intriguing to ask wellbeing experts about the best advice they’ve ever been given.

Eating plan offers food for thought

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Slimming consultant Sandra Murdoch (left) with Michael Johnson and Lauren Redman, who have lost weight with her help

9:27am Tuesday 11th February 2014

housands of pounds have been lost across the Bradford district, thanks to Sandra Murdoch.

Symptoms sign of ovarian cancer

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Janette Oljanuk, who had two ovarian tumours removed

11:00am Tuesday 4th February 2014

When Janette Oljanuk began to feel unwell she thought there was a simple explanation.

‘Don’t worry, most GPs have seen everything’

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Bromley people asked for views on healthcare

10:10am Tuesday 4th February 2014

The possibility of discussing intimate or embarrassing problems with your GP means it’s easier for many people not to think of doctors as human.

The pros and cons of a daily supplement

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: In an ideal world, we’d all get all the vitamins and minerals we need from our diets

9:36am Tuesday 4th February 2014

Supplements, as the name suggests, are there to help supplement a diet that may be lacking in certain nutrients, and of course food should always come first.

How we could all give the gift of life

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Mohammed Rafique Butt (left) and Nadeem Butt

9:29am Tuesday 28th January 2014

According to Kidney Research UK, kidney failure is up to five times more common in people from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

Is anyone too old for cancer care?

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: More Bradford women are attending breast-screening clinics

9:19am Tuesday 28th January 2014

It has always been said that age is just a number. So why in the 21st century when we have people in their twilight years who are fit and active, is age coming into question when it comes to treatment?

Debbie Purdy: 'Corrie's sensitive storyline is to be applauded’

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Last night, Coronation Street viewers watched terminally-ill Hayley Cropper (Julie Hesmondhalgh) say her goodbyes to family and friends before taking her own life in a heartbreaking episode of the hugely-popular soap

8:00am Tuesday 21st January 2014

Last night, millions of Coronation Street viewers watched heartbreaking scenes as terminally ill Hayley Cropper took her own life.

Charity's fortunes lifted by Kimberley Walsh's TV quiz spot

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Christian with parents Lisa and Andrew and sisters Eve and Fearne

8:43am Tuesday 14th January 2014

When Lisa Midgley’s son, Christian, was diagnosed with Congenital Cytomegalovirus – a birth disorder affecting around one in 150 newborn babies – shortly after he was born, she found solace in a charity supporting families affected by the condition.


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