To honour those who embody the Olympic spirit by encouraging participation in sport at grassroots level


Tom, according to the nomination form, “is the ultimate sport maker”.

Consider these words: “Not only has he inspired his friends, family and colleagues to get involved in more sport, he has inspired many others to become sports makers and attend sport maker events. Tom has supported the FA’s ‘Get Into Football’ scheme to establish an NHS five-a-side football league where he works part time in the BRI canteen as well as set up a new football team encouraging U19s to take part in regular football.”

Tom’s enthusiasm, persistence and encouragement has directly led to more than 40 players forming seven teams in a semi-competitive environment, playing every Wednesday.

And some of these are people who have not taken part in active sports for up to a decade, until Tom encouraged them to take part. Now they not only feel motivated and enjoy a weekly group activity, they are fitter for it.

His nomination form adds: “He is organised, motivated and a great role model to the young people of Bradford.

“Setting up the NHS five-a-side League has inspired him to do more and create a new 11-a-side football team to play in Bradford Sunday Alliance League starting in September.

“The creation of a new team has provided people 19yrs+ the opportunity to join a team and become involved in regular footballing opportunities every week.”


Stuart has co-ordinated Bradford Dragons Club, community and school based basketball for boys, girls, men and women, single handedly throughout the district. This has been developed from his own son’s interest to one of the country’s biggest programmes.

Stuart spends all his time on a voluntary basis focussed on the basketball delivery and development not only for the senior basketball programme, but also for the community participation programme for children aged five years and above. In addition to this Stuart also continually seeks funding and supports the development of basketball in primary and secondary schools.

In completing 2011/12 season and finishing with one of West Yorkshire’s fastest growing clubs, Stuart spent the summer organising and running the 2012 Eurocamp with 120 players from around the world at Bradford College (Basketball camp) Funding from Incommunities Foundation Ltd has enabled young Incommunities tenants to book a place at the camp for £40 – a saving of more than £100.

The camp is open to all young people aged ten to 18 who live in the district.


Although “Mally” works full time as the head coach at Bradford College’s boxing academy he still gives an enormous amount of his spare time over to voluntarily ensuring that young people from Bradford and across Yorkshire are able to take part in sport at the appropriate level.

He has organised a team of Yorkshire boxers to go to the Isle of Man, giving them the chance to wear the county vest with pride. He is a great role model for young people.

Mally spends his whole life gently persuading young people that they will achieve more, and lead a more rewarding and fulfilling life, if they follow the path of discipline, commitment and hard work rather than the ‘easy’ highs and gains of drugs, crime and anti-social behaviour. He teaches young people to respect themselves and others by presenting them with a consistently disciplined, committed and hard-working role model – himself. One of life’s real unsung heroes.

His nomination read: “Mally voluntarily gave up many hours of his own time in the summer to support the pre-Olympic training camps for boxing teams from India, Nigeria, China and Tanzania held in Bradford.

“One of his main goals was that young people in the city should have plenty of opportunities to see the elite athletes of the world in their midst.”

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