People who have mastered the art of inspiring others to contribute to worthy causes and have raised significant amounts of money for others


On many occasions, a sudden hospital visit can leave people bewildered and unprepared. Home comforts we take for granted in our own space are suddenly lacking if we haven’t had the time to pack or are taken suddenly ill or involved in an accident.

That’s where the dignity room at Airedale Hospital comes into play. Two charities support the dignity room financially, and ensure that the hospital can provide clothing, slippers, toiletries, nightwear - all of life’s little essentials - for those who find themselves in hospital without notice.

The dignity room is particularly important to vulnerable people - older residents, or those without relatives, and those who are brought in following an emergency.

For three years, Maureen Wood has been a champion of the dignity room, making sure everyone who goes to the hospital knows the good work it does and spreading the word that it’s there for people who might not be aware of it.

Maureen makes it her mission to secure supplies of clothing and toiletries for the dignity room, sourcing new, good-quality items from shops, contacting wholesalers to persuade them to make donations.

She’s even been known to travel as far afield as Manchester on the hunt for items for the dignity room.

She also puts herself at the sharp end of fundraising, staffing stalls with other volunteers to raise money to keep the dignity room going and raise awareness of the project.

Fiona Throp, senior nurse for Older People at Ward 4, Airedale NHS Trust, said: “We have many examples of how this previously unnoticed need has helped to support and maintain dignity and comfort to people at a time of need.

“We have had many donations from past patients or relatives grateful for the service. One lady was going to a hospice and had been worried about what she was going to travel in – she didn’t want to have to ask her niece who was very busy to get her something so was relieved for the gift of clothes.”


Christine has been a tireless campaigner for sufferers of dementia and their carers for the past five years.

In that time she has raised funds and organised holidays for those living with dementia, to help them get away from their normal surroundings and have a change of scenery.

When suffering from dementia the individual and their partners/carer often become very isolated with friends dropping away as the dementia takes hold. These holidays offer the carer group support and the opportunity to take a much-needed holiday with people in the same position as them.

It also enables those with dementia the chance to engage in group activities stimulating them. Without these holidays it is unlikely that these couples would get a holiday as they would struggle to cope on their own The nomination for Christine read: “Not only does she fundraise, plan and go on the holiday, she organises appropriate and engaging activities whilst they are away so everyone gets maximum enjoyment.

“Having cared for her own husband who suffered from and was finally taken by Alzheimer’s she offers invaluable support to the carers, understanding the difficulties, emotions and frustrations they feel.”

This year Christine organised a week’s holiday for five couples all at different stages of dementia. The nomination reports: “One suffer, only 54, had become very quiet and had not spoken for several months. At this age in particular this is very upsetting for his wife and full time carer. Some of the activities Christine organises involve singing. During one activity the gentleman in question was encourage to sing. His wife started to sing a song that had been a favourite of theirs throughout their marriage. The gentleman joined in smiling and singing like they used to before his dementia. This was a very emotional and happy moment for the couple who were grateful to Christine.”


Alvina is a stalwart of the Cottingley community, throwing herself into many different activities and doing her best to involve all the different age groups and communities within Cottingley to pull together for the general good.

John Goode, treasurer of the Cottingley Community Association, said on his nomination form: “Alvina does many things for our local community. She organises regular curry nights at our community centre.

“Since the centre opened four years ago, there have been nine curry nights with all proceeds donated to the centre and other local charities. She is also heavily involved with our Community Fun Day and is on the committee for the event.”

Alvina gives up a lot of her spare time to volunteer in the community; she is on the fun day committee and has asked to join the community association.

She is always encouraging people within the community to come to events or offer their time to become volunteers. Through all her hard work it is estimated Alvina has raised in excess of £10,000 and this money has been put to fantastic use.

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