A MOTORIST has criticised a “disgusting” driver who swerved past another vehicle and drove through a red light.

A black Volkswagen van was caught on a dashboard camera performing the dangerous manoeuvre in Canal Road, Bradford.

The vehicle can be seen swerving past a white Fiat 500 that has stopped for a red traffic light. The van driver then turns left into Valley Road.

Javaid Khan, whose camera captured the incident, said: “It is disgusting to see people driving in that nature. There could have been a collision, but luckily I was approaching a red light and I had slowed down for that.

“On average, I avoid about four people a day due to their erratic driving. Sometimes I don’t feel like coming out of the house because of how people drive.

“I avoid side streets and try to stay on main roads when I can. I have six or seven years of no claims bonus and I am trying to protect it. But it is hard with drivers like this about.

“It is scary. You cannot have decent driving standards in Bradford when people are doing this.

“Another motorist looked at me as if to say ‘what is he doing?’.

“We need to clean these maniacs up – it is getting worse day by day.”

Mr Khan, 47, of West Bowling, also commented on driving standards in Bradford. He said: “I would say 80 per cent of drivers in Bradford are bad.

“People get behind that wheel and think the rest of the world doesn’t exist.”

Sergeant Cameron Buchan, who is leading the Operation Steerside crackdown on dangerous drivers in Bradford district, said: “In their head they have a reasonable excuse for doing that. But there is no excuse and this is part of the reason we are doing what we are doing.

“It is not an isolated incident in Bradford and it is the reason we set this initiative going.

“If someone is inconvenienced then that is driving without due care. If they run a red light, that can come under that as well.”

The latest weekly Operation Steerside figures showed that 8,526 dangerous drivers had been caught since the initiative started in February last year.

A total of 120 drivers were snared last week, including someone who had failed to return a hire car. Sgt Buchan said the hire car company reported the vehicle as stolen. The driver was reported for driving without insurance.