POLICE have urged residents to identify the "idiots" who rode a stolen scooter around their neighbourhood.

The youths responsible fled when approached by police in Woodhouse, Keighley.

The scooter had been taken from Cross Roads last Wednesday, and was spotted by officers during the evening of the following day.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "The scooter was sighted and tracked to a location in Woodhouse Road, where an officer from the Antisocial Behaviour Bike team was able to maintain observations.

"Unfortunately, the offenders were on their way back to the bike as the officer arrived and they ran off into the estate.

"The officer remained with the scooter to prevent any further theft. The bike was then recovered and the owner informed.

"The youths responsible for this theft have no care or consideration for the owner of this scooter and the problems this has caused.

"And the way they behaved riding the scooter around their home area shows they have no respect for their own neighbours.

"People in the area know who these youths are, and it's time the community got together and took action.

"We want people to help us put a stop to this and make their area a safer place for their children to play out before someone gets hurt and injured by these idiots – or worse.”

People can contact the police bike team at bdasbbiketeam@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk or by calling the 101 non-emergency number.