The Brilliant Bradford campaign is about simply reminding all those who live and work here that this district has many amazing things going for it and that we all should be proud to be a part of it.

In the weeks and months ahead we'll be focussing on some of those amazing things by asking you, the readers of the T&A, to tell us what YOU think is brilliant about this area and its people.

We're not looking for the obvious - we all know that we have a fantastic national museum, one of the best provincial theatres in Britain, one of the finest concert halls, the (official) best park in the country and some of the most incredible Victorian architecture, among many others.

Our key aim is to highlight some of the less obvious benefits of living in this unbeatable district: the truly warm, generous, open and honest people; the many unstinting charitable and social volunteers; the incredible quality of products and services that our hard-working and talented workforce creates.

So now's YOUR cahnce. What do you think is brilliant about Bradford? What makes the district so special?

To have your say, use the comments form below and tell us all about YOUR Brilliant Bradford.