The best new product, system or service destined to become a market leader in the way it solves a problem or meets a need.

Topdental, Silsden

Topdental are manufacturers of high-level medical device disinfectants for dental surgeries and operating theatres etc. They formulate and design highly-technical disinfectants to sterilise medical devices. Virofex has taken six years to develop, and reached the market in January and is currently being exported to more than ten countries world-wide.

Cimlogic, Baildon

Cimlogic is a systems integrator which works with some of the largest UK manufacturers implementing manufacturing execution systems and automation control system solutions. The company prides itself in delivering the most innovative technological solutions and is always seeking new ways to solve problems and challenges for customers.

Victor Manufacturing, Baildon

The food service industry does not have an agreed standard for the performance of food service display equipment. Consequently Victor Manufacturing has decided to design refrigerated products to comply with, or even exceed, the retail standard EN ISO 23953 M1 Climate Class 3. This includes the subject product, the Victor Optimax refrigerated retail display.