A DATABASE of around 450 self-employed interpreters and 16 members of staff covering 135 languages has helped Enable 2 to grow into a company which delivers a first class service throughout Yorkshire.

The company delivers services to various NHS organisations including dentists, GPs and hospitals, Bradford Council and other local organisations.

It works in partnership with Involve Visual Collaboration Ltd to provide safe and reliable video interpretation remotely through video conferencing.


AFTER extensive research and development, Christeyns has launched Cool Chemistry.

A patented innovation that combines equipment and chemistry, Cool Chemistry is able to deliver improved whiteness and increased disinfection over conventional chemistry.

The company has recently invested £400,000 upgrading the mixing and blending facilities at Prospect Street to improve production capacity, quality and consistency of its products.

In January the firm signed a £3 million, ten-year contract with Camplings Laundry in Great Yarmouth.


REVOLUTIONARY internet services help Exa Networks transform businesses’ digital abilities.

Darklight was developed to create “the last internet connection a business would ever need to install”.

The company partnered with CityFibre to utilise its extensive dark fibre network which runs throughout the UK.

Exa Networks was able to design a connection capable of accommodating all potential growth, making Darklight future-proof.