ECLIPSE has a superb reputation for developing talent internally, with personal development being a huge focus.

The results are a low staff turn-over with most employees starting in entry level positions and working their way to senior management.

A large number of staff have been with the company many years and have benefited from the “open door” policy, meaning everyone is available to provide insight, advice and help when needed.


HOUSING Association Accent Group is a not-for-profit organisation which has been established in Bradford for more than 50 years.

The company regards its staff as its most valuable resource and provides the training, support and encouragement for them to be the best they can.

The Customer Contact Centre, in Shipley, was established a year ago. Staff regard the centre as transforming the working environment into a “buzzing” place.

Staff report a high level of team spirit with investment in staff helping to develop their individual skills either in house or with recognised qualifications.


THE company recognises that it is not only work that is important, but also social and leisure time to ensure all employees have the opportunity for some “downtime”.

It set up a sports and social club scheme. Currently 54 members pay into it each month and the money is matched by Christeyns. It is used towards activities such as go-karting or meal nights.

Charitable activities are also encouraged to help team-building and unite departments and improve wellbeing.