A BRADFORD-based not-for-profit social enterprise has handed a £50,000 funding boost to a defibrillator firm.

Business Enterprise Fund (BEF), based in Devere House, Vicar Street, has given the cash to Defib Machines, based in Leeds, as part of a total £140,000 investment. The remaining loan has come via £50,000 from NPIF – BEF & FFE Microfinance and a £40,000 loan from the Start Up Loans Company.

The cash was used to buy extra machines to fulfil national contracts and to create ten jobs in sales, admin and technical departments.

Hilary Watson, BEF investment manager, said: “There are currently so many stories about defibrillators in the news and the need for the units is continuing to grow.

"The passion that the Defib Machines team has is fantastic to work with and it's a wonderful feeling to know that we have a part in helping Britain become heart safe – I'm looking forward to continuing to support this great business."

The firm supplies businesses with defibrillators and provides installation.