A CONFECTIONERY firm is looking to improve its Cleckheaton base with the installation of a new sugar silo.

The move at Tangerine Confectionery’s factory in Westgate in the town is intended to increase storage capacity at the site.

It will also eliminate the need for daily deliveries to the factory and the congestion that it causes.

The firm has applied to Kirklees Council for planning permission for the 13.5 metre high grey silo which would be installed on land to the west side of the factory, approximately 20 metres from the northern boundary of the site.

Planners are recommending that the scheme be approved when it goes before the Heavey Woollen planning sub-committee tomorrow.

The plans state: “The new silo eliminates the need for the daily deliveries to the factory which currently involves a lorry being parked just off the highway on South Parade for a number of hours each day.

The proposed deliveries for the sugar, will now be off Punch Bowl yard, at the side of the Punch Bowl pub adjacent to the factory.

“Due to the increased capacity that the new sugar silo will provide, the deliveries will be less frequent than currently required,” it adds.

In a report to the committee it states that the new silo will be accessed from the factory’s yard entrance off Westgate which will allow any heavy goods vehicles to be off the public highway entirely.

Permission was granted in 2013 for a similar silo, but at a different location within the site.

It adds: “The silo would be located in a moderately-sized parcel of land to the western side of the factory which currently has a belt of mature trees along its western boundary. “The position of the proposed silo would be adjacent to the western elevation of the factory.

“The new position would reduce the height above the ridge of the factory and as such would have less impact on the skyline and streetscape than the previous approval.”

Trees would partially screen the silo from neighbouring homes.

The plans are expected to be approved at the sub-committee which takes place tomorrow from 1pm.

A spokesperson for Tangerine Confectionery said: “The proposed sugar silo at our Cleckheaton factory is designed to allow increased storage at the facility. This will reduce the number of deliveries required, thereby easing congestion on the surrounding roads.

“The silo also represents a business commitment to the factory, which employs more than 100 people and in 2017 produced more than 9,000 tonnes of confectionery under the northern ‘Lion’ sweet brand.”

The Lion brand of harder-eating gum sweets, such as wine gums, midget gems and liquorice gums, are made at the firm’s Cleckheaton factory.

Retro sweets such as DipDab, Fruit Salad, Refreshers, and Wham are also made by Tangerine Confectionery at other sites.