A BRADFORD organisation, which specialises in overseas trade, is helping a Yorkshire surgical technology company expand further in China.

Tissuemed, which is based in Leeds, produces TissuePatch, the world’s only synthetic, self-adhesive patch for preventing leaks during and after surgery.

The product has been approved by China’s federal drug administration and Tissuemed has called in Chamber International’s China specialist, Matthew Grandage, for advice.

The company is increasing its dialogue with the medical devices market in China, which totalled more than £30billion in 2015.

Soon after CFDA approval, a leading hospital in Sichuan province became the first user of TissuePatch in China, when surgeons used it during a thoracic procedure.

Tissuemed Ltd chief executive officer, David Mandley, said: “TissuePatch is unique in China as the first synthetic sealant in the medical market with a broad range of surgical uses, from neurosurgery to thoracic and general surgery. China holds great potential for us – for example, the country has 12,000 practicing neurosurgeons alone.”

He described China as having “huge potential” for the product range which is now exported to 25 countries.

He added: “We have many users from different surgical specialisms in large hospitals and the breadth of our regulatory approval has created positive signs that we can expand our market share.

“An initial consultation with Matthew Grandage gave us up-to-date and relevant insights on how to proceed.”

Mr Grandage said: ”It’s no surprise that there is a ready market for Tissuemed in China as western medical devices, drugs, and expertise are highly sought after, not least because of repeated breaches of trust in the domestic regulatory environment.”

“However, such weaknesses do not automatically guarantee export success. Good market entry always requires careful research and planning.”

He added that Tissuemed has gone about this prudently, strategising well, and that Chamber International was glad to assist with this.