A MANUFACTURING group, which acquired a Cleckheaton business earlier this year, has relocated and will learn next week whether it can expand its new site.

The Westley Group, which is a leading supplier of castings in heat, wear and corrosion-resistant alloys, has sold the site of its combined business of Francis W Birkett and Walter Frank at Hightown Road in the town.

The firm confirmed last week that they had moved to the J Roberts Bronze Components site on St Peg Lane, following acquisition of the business in April.

A spokesman said: "Our strategic acquisition of the J Roberts Bronze Components business provides a manufacturing footprint which is perfect to combine the three businesses with one joint manufacturing platform.

"The layout of the site is more readily suited to the lean principles which we are continuously introducing to the business and the new site will enable us to further invest in infrastructure and machinery for the future."

When J Roberts was acquired, the group said: "J Roberts is a machine shop specialising in copper based allows, which compliments our existing machining and assembly portfolio."

They added: "The J Roberts business will be consolidated into out existing operations."

Following the acquisition, a planning application was submitted to Kirklees Council to build an extension to the warehousing facilities at the St Peg Lane site and to introduce more car parking spaces.

The matter is due to go before the authority's strategic planning committee on Thursday, September 7, and is being recommended for approval by planners.

A report to the committee states that the extension would have a gross floor area of 296m2 and would be accessed through a new opening in the southern side of the existing building.

The extension and alternation to the industrial unit is required to form a prefabricated storage building for the warehousing of goods.

There would be 61 car parking spaces to the east of the factory, which would be accessed to the rear of the extension using a new concrete access road.

The report adds: "The proposed extension to the existing warehouse will allow this business to successfully expand, and it will create 15 additional jobs at this site which is a significant positive outcome and one which is given great weight in the planning balance."

Due to concerns from the highways department about the existing access and its ability to serve the expanded site, the owners are looking to create a new improved access from Spen Bank into the site.

Francis W Birkett is an extensive precision machine shop supplying fully machined and assembled components in heat, wear and corrosion resistant alloys. Walter Frank is a well-respected manufacturer of fire-fighting fittings with a long-established reputation for quality.