THE boss of Shipley Indoor Market says he is making changes to revitalise the site after listening to public feedback from a survey.

HALE (Health Action Local Engagement), which took over running of the Kirkgate site, set up an online survey to gauge people’s opinions about the market.

Market staff also handed out survey forms to shoppers in Shipley town centre, with more than 300 people taking part.

The market has a cafe and was already home to stalls selling items including phones, baby clothes, jewellery and comics.

Now, following the survey’s findings, a sweet shop, Sweet Occasions, has opened, along with Missunderstud, which sells handmade jewellery. A stall selling boys’ and girls’ clothing is due to open on Thursday.

The market will stage a Christmas market on Friday, December 8, and Saturday, December 9.

Market manager Ryan Troy said the survey had proved to be a useful way to plan for its future.

He said: “It is about getting us out there. It gives a boost to the town. The survey was a really good success.

“It was good to get a lot of people’s opinions, not just in Shipley, but in Bradford as well.

“It was a good idea to do it. Doing this survey brings the community together.

“It’s just a start and gives us a way to get it back on its feet.”

Mr Troy said other feedback from the survey included people wanting the market to be brightened up, in a bid to give it a new lease of life.

He said: “People also said they wanted the market to look a bit fresher. They said it was looking a bit run-down.

“The footfall has been improved since both of our new stalls have opened. It is bringing in different people.

“We will do what we can to give the market a new lease of life.”

Mr Troy also hopes to set up a number of pop-up stalls, similar to the indoor craft market which runs in Darley Street, Bradford.

The survey was part of plans by HALE, a healthy living charity, to revive the town’s privately-owned market by filling its empty stalls with local makers and budding entrepreneurs wanting to test out their products.

Shipley’s shopping centre, including the indoor market, was officially opened by entertainer Sir Bruce Forsyth, in April 1960.

The Telegraph & Argus of the day reported a “near riot” and “Shipley crush”, which included a policeman saving two children from being trampled underfoot.


Anyone who would like to sign up for a pop-up stall at the market is urged to email Mr Troy at or call him on 07521 667016.