Organisers reveal details of events for schools and young people

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Which Way Is Up – Inspirational Science Theatre Company Which Way Is Up – Inspirational Science Theatre Company

The Bradford Science Festival gets under way next month, and the organisers have just unveiled their special programme for schools and young people.

Helen Barraclough, from Space Connections, which is organising the festival, said: “Following on from the amazing success of the British Science Festival last year, we are delighted to introduce the workshops, talks and shows that are part of the schools’ programme this year.

“Delivered by experts from all areas of the United Kingdom, the festival offers a unique opportunity for young people to shine the spotlight on the practical application of science through new and exciting interactive events.

“The festival is designed to stimulate curiosity in the world near and far, as well as provide a glimpse of the possibilities for a career in the science subjects.”

All the festival activities are taking place in central city locations including City Hall, the National Media Museum and Hand Made in Bradford.

Here are some of the activities taking place – for a full programme and how to book visits for classes, call 0845 6522406. For details of other young people’s events open to the public, and what’s on for adults, log on to bradfordscience

Creature Features – Animal In-Tuition Meet and learn about a wide range of interesting and unusual creatures. Pupils will have the opportunity to meet the Good, the Bad and the Ugly including reptiles, amphibians, mammals and those wonderful creepy crawlies, among others. Come explore the fascinating world of animals. Why do snakes stare? What’s so special about a gecko’s tail?

BASF Kids’ Lab - BASF BASF Kids’ Lab – Run by BASF volunteers, children aged eight to 11 will have the opportunity to carry out experiments in a real laboratory. They can have great fun investigating science in their everyday lives and learn that chemicals are not only exciting, but also useful. BASF offers two experiments linked to the national curriculum, Water Purification (can you make dirty water clean?) and Water Storage (can you test and identify a water storage system that keeps the water in the soil?).

Colour Detective – Colour Experience Explore the world of colour. Follow the trail and solve the clues around our interactive gallery. Have you got what it takes to become a Colour Detective?

Which Way Is Up – Inspirational Science Theatre Company A space show for the last century following the journey of two BASA scientists in their bid to get to the moon one step at a time. Observe them in very basic training, monitor their problems with long-distance low-gravity travel and see if their rockets do actually get off the ground.

Victorian Photography Tour – The National Media Museum Step back in time to find out about the earliest forms of photography and the scientific processes that were involved. Children will learn how without the Victorians many of today’s developments in photographic technology would not have been possible.

Light Writing – The National Media Museum Consider the applications and implications of science on technology in this hands-on session exploring this fascinating photographic technique. Students will create their own amazing illusions of light while finding out about the elements of photography including exposure times, shutter speeds and aperture settings. Superhero Science – Dr Matt Prichard An interactive magic show exploring the science behind superhero powers. What is fact, what is fiction and what might be feasible in the future? Topics include mind-reading, telekinesis, photographic memory, invisibility, x-ray vision, levitation and super strength.

Science of the Firework – Matthew Tosh Experienced pyrotechnician and leading industry presenter Matthew Tosh will present a behind-scenes-look at professional firework displays. This is a fascinating lecture packed with science, elements of history, live demonstrations and unique display footage. From bangs and crackles, to colours and whistles, Matthew and his firing crew will take you on an exciting journey and show you just how science, technology and mathematics come together with precision engineering to entertain audiences at major events around the world.

Bouncing Custard – Dr Steven Rossington How bouncy is your custard – roll your bouncing custard into a ball and drop it from a height of 30cm. How high does it bounce?

Hubble 3D – The National Media Museum Explore distant galaxies and the mysteries of the universe on this mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. Using incredible 3D technology, accompany seven space-walking astronauts as they attempt some of the most difficult and important tasks in NASA’s history. (cert U) To the Arctic – The National Media Museum Take an extraordinary journey into the lives of a mother polar bear and her seven-month old cubs as they navigate the changing Arctic wilderness they call home. (cert Advisory PG).


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