A lorry shed part of its load of animal waste at a busy Keighley roundabout yesterday afternoon.

The Mercedes-Benz articulated bulk wagon spilled chicken parts across the road. The incident happened at about 2pm at the Hard Ings Road roundabout, on the approach from Skipton Road.

One lane was blocked, causing traffic tailbacks. A clean-up operation was held yesterday afternoon.

The driver of the unmarked lorry – who would not be named – said he had been forced to brake suddenly, causing the load to shift.

The driver explained that he had been “cut up” by a van, which had pulled in front of him on the approach to the roundabout and forced him to brake suddenly. He was unhurt but left frustrated because the other motorist drove off. Part of the load was sent spewing several metres across the roundabout and down the west-bound carriageway of the Aire Valley trunk road.

Some traffic was queuing towards Skipton Road, Keighley, due to one of two lanes being blocked, but vehicles were moving freely at the roundabout. There were no businesses or houses near where the incident happened.

The driver and a colleague, in another vehicle, carried out a clean-up operation. Emergency services were not in attendance.

Lorries carrying chicken waste regularly travel through Keighley and it is not the first time loads have been spilled. In January this year a lorry shed its load in South Street.

On that occasion police and firefighters were called and a section of the road was closed, causing rush-hour chaos. That incident sparked an investigation by Bradford Council environmental health officers because two tonnes of chicken parts were shed on that occasion.

Bradford Council was unable to comment on whether they would be investigating the latest spillage. It is not known how much was spilled.

The January spillage occurred near South Street's junction with Goulbourne Street, leaving the road covered in a layer of chicken parts.