Two portly pets from Bradford have been battling the bulge in the PDSA’s annual slimming competition.

Mega moggy Fifi Bottomley has been commended in the veterinary charity’s Pet Fit Club and labrador Deco received a special mention after losing weight.

Fifi’s owner Monica Bottomley, who had rescued her as a starving kitten, entered her into the competition and noticing how greedy she was becoming. Fifi weighed 9.3kg when she started the six-month PDSA diet and fitness programme in March. She is now a slender 7.3kg after shedding 2 kg.

Monica said: “Fifi is so much more active now and it’s clear she’s happier. PDSA’s advice was vital in helping Fifi to lose her extra weight; I really couldn’t have done it without them. My advice to other owners in a similar position is simple – don’t keep putting it off. Get proper advice and stick to it – it’s worth the effort for your pet’s wellbeing. If you love your pet, don’t keep delaying.”

Four-year-old Deco lost 8kg (18 per cent of his bodyweight) with the Pet Fit Club since starting in March. Deco weighed in at 44.3kg but when he previously started the scheme in November he tipped the scales at 55kg.

Inspired by his weight loss, Deco’s owner Jan also went on a diet, losing 3st and dropping two dress sizes!

Jan said: “Deco used to get scraps and treats here and there, and would eat anything our grandkids dropped on the floor, but once we realised the damage this was doing we put a stop to all the extras. As a result I also put a stop to a few of my own extra treats – cutting down on cups of tea and biscuit breaks. The calories can add up really quickly, particular for our pets but also for us, and before I knew it we were both starting to shed the extra weight.”

Vet nurse Miriam Wilson, from Bradford PDSA PetAid hospital, where Fifi and Deco’s diets were managed, praised the owners for their commitment to their pets’ health.

She said: “This is a great success story for all concerned, and these owners have done a wonderful job in helping their pets to get down to a healthier weight. Pet obesity raises the risks of serious illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis, but these results prove that it’s never too late to improve a pet’s diet.”

The overall winner of the competition was Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jack, from Middlesex, who lost 31 per cent of his bodyweight. To see the rest of this year’s pet slimmers, and to find out how to register your interest to enter your pet into the next competition visit