A new guide has been published for walkers and archaeology enthusiasts visiting Ilkley Moor.

Landmarks on the moor are among those in the 30-page guide published as part of the Watershed Landscape project.

In the book, community archaeologist Louise Brown reveals how to recognise items such as burial mounds and historic stone carvings.

By visiting sites, people may be able to tell what they see on the ground are the remains of.

She said: “In the past the upland area was a very noisy and busy place. There were quarries being worked and navvy villages for those working here.

“Some people were living in small cottages, farming, and traders would use the packhorse trails.

“The stone for the houses in the valleys would have come from these places so people today are more closely linked to the uplands and the people who worked here than they may think."

Spotters Guide: Enjoying Upland Archaeology is available free, both in print or online at watershedlandscape.co.uk.