Persistent rainfall led to a house flooding in Apperley Bridge and impassable roads with warnings issued about how to cope with floodwater.

Firefighters from Rawdon were called out late on Monday to a house in Apperley Bridge after water seeping into the floor played havoc with the electrics. Firefighters spent two hours pumping water out from underneath the house in Little Park.

Meanwhile, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is urging people at risk of flooding to think ahead and Yorkshire Water has mounted an operation working alongside local authorities and the Environment Agency to reduce the risk of flooding.

Two main roads through Wharfedale were closed because of flooding on Tuesday afternoon, and two Ilkley bus services were not serving the town.

The A65 was closed between Burley -in-Wharfedale and Ilkley, and the A660 was closed between Otley and Burley.

West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Service said the X84 service, connecting Leeds, Otley, Burley, Ilkley and Skipton , was not serving Ilkley.

Meanwhile, in Otley, the river had risen so high during the morning council bosses closed off parts of Wharfemeadows Park.

At Pool -in-Wharfedale, water at Pool Bridge had risen to 3.72 metres by midday on Tuesday – just shy of the highest level, 3.77 metres, ever recorded there. In Brighouse , two motorists were left stranded on top of their car at Thornhills Beck Lane after heavy rain caused the water level of a ford to rise.

A Yorkshire Water spokesman said: “As ever, teams are out checking sewers are flowing freely and removing any blockages where necessary. We are also contacting vulnerable customers and arranging for sandbags to be made available to them where appropriate.”

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue is urging people to turn off electrical items if they are at risk of flooding.

According to the Met Office, the public need to be aware of the risk of localised surface-water flooding with further heavy rain or showers expected across Yorkshire and Humber throughout the day. Yesterday saw an amber alert of rain which means that people need to be prepared, with a yellow alert in place today – meaning people need to be aware.

Visit and the Environment Agency’s website The Floodline helpline is 0845 988 1188.