Picket lines have formed at many locations across the district as striking public sector employees take to the streets.

In Bradford city centre, protesters waving GMB and Unison placards have gathered outside City Hall, near the law courts and outside other public buildings.

A picket line has also formed outside Bradford Royal Infirmary.

Striking NHS staff were manning picket lines at all seven entrances to Bradford Royal Infirmary this morning.

Radiographers and physiotherapists joined support staff, cleaners and canteen workers who walked out in a row over pension changes.

Members of Unison and Unite were planning to picket the hospital gates all day, while some were to join the rally in Centenary Square in the city centre later this morning.

Jackie Smith, Unison branch secretary for Bradford health said the support had been fantastic so far this morning.

"If the Government had asked me to put money into the pension because it was unaffordable I would have done that, but our scheme is affordable now as it was reviewed about four years ago and our contributions increased.

"The money they want to take off us now wouldn't go into the pension scheme, it would go to the Treasury - and I object to being taxed for working for the NHS."

Thousands of children are staying home today as teachers and heads take to picket lines, forcing schools to close their doors.