Members of the Dawoodi Borha community in Bradford celebrated the 100th birthday of their spiritual leader last night with a procession at the Adam Masjid mosque in Girlington.

Dr Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, the Shia Islam sub-sect’s 52nd leader, visited the city three years ago to open the £2 million mosque in Syedna Way, only the second of its kind in Europe.

Dr Hussain Cochin, a trustee at the mosque, said about 50 of Bradford’s 200-strong Dawoodi Borha community had travelled to Mumbai to hear the centenarian address a crowd of more than 100,000 to mark his milestone birthday.

He added: “It’s a historic landmark. No person who has held that office has ever got to the age of 100. The sermon was three hours long and full of teachings of peace, good will and how to live one’s life properly. It was just absolutely amazing. The celebrations are fantastic.”

Syedna Way, formerly Plumpton Street, was renamed after Dawoodi Borha community members campaigned for the change.