A Bradford Muslim teenager is to visit Auschwitz for a BBC documentary exploring how young people today feel about the Holocaust.

Umar Zahoor, 17, a pupil at Tong High School, will travel to the former concentration camp in Poland on Friday with a Jewish girl, also aged 17.

The documentary, called Moon And Stars after the Islamic Crescent Moon and the Jewish Star of David, aims to promote mutual understanding and respect, irrespective of background, race or culture.

The teenagers, who will be joined by their mothers, Fabian Hamilton, MP for North East Leeds, and radio presenter Liz Green, will record their responses to what they see and learn while at Auschwitz.

Umar, an A-level student who is planning to read chemistry at university, said: “It’s a phenomenal opportunity and just knowing that my views about the Holocaust would be heard made me feel important and my self-confidence grew.

“I hope the experience broadens my knowledge of what happened and makes me feel more grateful for how society has changed since then, as I feel comfortable and I enjoy living in a multicultural society.”