Three men have been jailed for a total of 18 years for the “calculating and evil” sexual abuse of a young teenage girl.

A court heard they saw the 14-year-old, who was running wild, as easy prey and plied her with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

Mohammed Zackriya, 21, of Springfield Road, Keighley, was jailed for eight years for oral rape and five offences of sexual activity with a child.

Judge Peter Benson told him he was cunning and manipulative beyond his years.

He gave the girl cannabis and alcohol and raped her on their first meeting. His victim, who is from the Skipton area, told police he was evil and had brainwashed her.

Mohammed Shabir, 36, a father-of-five, of Hawk Street, Keighley, was jailed for five years for three offences of having sex with the girl at Caesars takeaway restaurant in Newmarket Street, Skipton.

Wig-wearing Shabir, nicknamed Shabby, was 18 years older than the girl who was wearing her school uniform when she first went into Caesars.

Judge Benson said Shabir gave her cigarettes and food and tempted her with endearments. She became filled with self disgust, saying she was giving him sex for cigarettes.

Shabir was jailed for a further six months for contempt of court during the six-week trial. He shouted threats and racial abuse at a witness and tried to get out of the dock.

Mohammed Taj, 37, of Broughton Road, Skipton, was jailed for five years for three offences of having sex with the girl in his car.

The judge told the men each saw the opportunity for gratification with a vulnerable young girl.

During the trial, she was cross-examined closely while the three men showed a level of callous hypocrisy that was repugnant, he said.

The men were convicted yesterday.

Zackryia’s barrister, Nikki Peers, said the girl was sexually experienced from an early age. She was already damaged when she met Zackryia who was only four years older. Michelle Colborne, for Shabir, said he did not use force on the girl. He was a hard-working family man of otherwise good character. His family had been subjected to hate and security cameras installed at Caesars.

“Skipton is a small town and people don’t forget,” Miss Colborne said.

Stephen Couch, for Taj, said he was a family man with three children and no previous convictions.

After the case, senior investigating officer, Detective Inspector Pete Martin, said: “We are very pleased with the outcome following a very long and complex investigation.

“I would like to pay tribute to the victim at the centre of this sickening crime. It took extreme courage for her to come forward and seek help after suffering abuse at the hands of a number of very calculating and evil men.

“The sentences go some way to redress the wrong which has been done, although the victim is still trying to come to terms with what has happened to her.

“We hope that the successful conclusion of this case will encourage more victims to come forward. Sexual grooming and internal trafficking is a heinous crime and can affect anyone, regardless of their background.”