THE glamour girls who shocked audiences with their raunchy exploits on a late-night show about Club 18-30 holidays have been slammed by the Women's Institute.

Rachel Williams, 21, of Greenhithe, and best pal Vanessa Assemallis, 19, of Chatham, became strippers in holiday destination Falaraki, Rhodes, during the 10-part ITV series.

Club Reps features the girls performing at a strip club and reveals explicit details of their holiday sexual exploits.

Dartford and Gravesend Women's Institute's public relations officer, Elizabeth Patterson, was "disgusted" by the programme.

She said: "I am appalled they were willing to say the things they did. I think they must have been exploited by the programme's producers.

"Do they even think of the effects this will have on their families? I dread to think what their grandparents must think.

"I don't see who this kind of thing could be good for. I certainly wouldn't let my daughter go on a Club 18-30 holiday after watching this."

Miss Williams, who has since gone back to being a retail manager at Bluewater, defended her behaviour. She said: "I was there for three months and they put it into three half-hour shows. People who really know me know that isn't the real me.

"I had an excellent time and it really boosted my confidence. I am booked to go back next August and it depends if I am still with my boyfriend as to whether I go back to stripping."

Vanessa is still working as a stripper in Falaraki.

A spokesman for Club Reps said: "The programme is an accurate reflection of what people get up to on Club 18-30 holidays.

"Everyone who has taken part in this documentary has had their eyes open. This is who they are and they should not be criticised for that, and we shouldn't be criticised for portraying it.

"More than 100,000 young people a year choose to holiday with Club 18-30 every year, and they go expecting to get sun, sea, sand and sex."

Club Reps is on ITV1 at 10.30pm on Thursday night, where Rachel and Vanessa can be seen auditioning to be erotic dancers.