Food hygiene standards at more than 60 catering outlets across Bradford district have been graded very poor and their staff had "little or no appreciation of food safety", the latest update of a watchdog website reveals.

The results released and posted on the website, give each outlet a grading of between none and five stars.

They show that of 1,694 inspected altogether, including residential homes and schools that serve food, 62 have been given a no star' rating.

Examples of poor hygiene have included rodent or insect infestation and filthy clothing, surfaces and equipment, said David Clapham, Principal Environmental Health Manager for Bradford Council.

The prestigious Ilkley Golf Club in Nesfield Road, is among those given no stars.

It is where top golfer Colin Montgomerie learned to play and it names former European Ryder Cup captain Mark James as an honorary member.

But despite members paying hundreds of pounds to join and the club's official website boasting top-class catering' by catering manager Michael Jarvis, the inspectors gave its restaurant the lowest ranking.

That means that, when they visited, performance level was very poor' and that club staff show "a general failure to comply with legal requirements" and "little or no appreciation of food safety," according to the council's grading system.

They rated compliance with food hygiene "poor" and compliance with any UK or EU food hygiene guidelines "bad".

Inspectors also found that there was "little" confidence in management.

However, Bradford Council said that cleaning and redecoration had since taken place. Mr Jarvis did not wish to comment. But Norman Hudson, secretary of Ilkley Golf Club, said: "Everything that was suggested was put right."

Other eateries with no stars include the St Stephen's Respite Unit in St Stephen's Road, West Bowling and Parkview Residential Home in North Park Road, Heaton.

Standards between restaurants varied, according to the results published on September 27, with Pizza Express in Tong Street, Bradford, scoring no stars while the chain's restaurant in Station Road, Ilkley, scored top marks and five stars.

Bradford's hospital kitchen's fared better, with Bradford Royal Infirmary's being awarded five stars.

Kitchens at St Luke's, Little Horton, Lynfield Mount, Heaton, Westwood Park, Horton Bank Top, the Cygnet Hospital in Bierley and the Capio Yorkshire Clinic, Bingley - where doctors helped to treat England soccer ace, Michael Owen - also received the highest awards.

Mr Chapman said: "Generally the quality of food businesses in Bradford is very good and those that have scored low are keen to work with us to improve their hygiene and improve their score."

Ratings for all the catering outlets the inspectors visited are available at