A charity which works to help young people has been left counting the cost after a break-in.

Motive8, a Wyke-based charity which offers vocational courses for people aged 16 to 19, fell victim to vandals last Tuesday evening. 

Managing director Melissa Simpson described the incident as "demoralising" and said those responsible had caused a couple of thousands of pounds worth of damage to its base at the South Bradford Vocational Centre, Huddersfield Road. 

She said it's thought they climbed into the roof and then broke in through a window, causing damage to a beauty salon and fire doors. 

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said the incident is thought to have happened between 9pm and 9.30pm on July 11. 

"Suspects appear to have entered by smashing a window and have searched rooms," he said. 

"Nothing appears to have been taken. Enquiries are continuing."