AN "obsessed" stalker who bombarded his ex-girlfriend and her sister with hundreds of calls and threatened violence against them has been jailed.

Judge Sara Dodd described Wasim Mumtaz, 34, as a 'controlling bully' whose behaviour had had a significant impact on the life of his former partner Patricia Hind.

The court heard how Mumtaz, of Lister Street, Keighley, had been jailed in 2013 for 22 months after attacking Ms Hind with a hammer wrapped in a pillowcase, biting her in the face and hitting her.

As a result of that conviction a five-year restraining was put in place banning Mumtaz from contacting Ms Hind or her son.

Prosecuting at Burnley Crown Court, Peter Barr said Mumtaz breeched that order on November 27 when Ms Hind received a number of phone calls from a withheld number.

Mr Barr said: "Ms Hind said the male spoke with an Asian accent. During one of those phone calls a different Asian male spoke. Ms Hind, who had been in an on off relationship with Mumtaz for just over a decade, recognised that male as the defendant.

"He said: 'You caused this sending me to jail. I can't stop my boys coming through your door and smashing it up. And your house. And your garage'."

Mr Barr said following that threat damage was caused to Ms Hind's car and garage but the prosecution could not prove Mumtaz's involvement.

When police examined Mumtaz's mobile phone they found that on November 27 it was used to call Ms Hind 30 times in two and a half hours.

In a victim impact statement summarised by Mr Barr, Ms Hind said: "I feel as though this will never end. I am always on my guard and worry I will be victimised again.

"I am genuinely afraid for my life and that of my son's."

The court heard that in June last year Mumtaz pulled up in a car with four other men where Ms Hind's younger sister Billie-Jo Hind and mother were stood talking.

Mr Barr said when the vehicle stopped Mumtaz pointed at both women and said: "You're going to get it. You got me sent to prison. I am going to chop your head off and your head off."

The court heard a few days later Billie-Jo's window was smashed and she received a text from Mumtaz which read: "I think you're missing me".

The court heard that on November 23 Billie-Jo received 59 calls from the defendant, 90 on November 27 and 100 on November 28.

In a victim impact statement Ms Hind said she had become un-trusting of people and her stomach churns every time she gets a phone call from a withheld number or one she doesn't recognise.

Defending, Isobel Thomas said: "There is clearly a complicated history between the parties in this case. The defendant and Patricia Hind were in a relationship for a number of years. There is clearly some bad feeling on both sides.

"He does recognise the way he behaved was wrong."

Mumtaz, formerly of Ridge Row, Burnley, but now living in Keighley, pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order and stalking involving serious alarm/distress.

Jailing Mumtaz for two and a half years, Judge Dodd said: "It seems to me you have absolutely no understanding of the consequences of your actions. You have no understanding of the effect your repeated attempts to contact these victims has had on their lives.

"Patricia Hind can rightly be regarded as vulnerable as far as you are concerned. You have tried to control and manipulate her. You Mr Mumtaz are a bully."

Judge Dodd also imposed an indefinite restraining order banning Mumtaz, who has 23 convictions for 44 offences, from contacting Patricia Hind or her son, or visiting certain addresses in Nelson and Colne.

As the sentence was being passed Mumtaz mouthed towards the victims, who were sat in the public gallery, "watch". And as he was being led out of the dock he said: "See you soon."