ZEYNAH Ali came up with a novel way of coping with her lengthy locks before setting off on a residential trip with school.

The nine-year-old, whose hair was so long it reached the back of her knees, decided to get it cut and give it to charity.

Zeynah, who is a pupil at Netherleigh School in Parsons Road, Heaton, will be sending her cropped locks to The Little Princess Trust to make a wig free of charge to children across the UK and Ireland who have lost their own hair due to cancer.

All the pupils at school brought in £1 to donate to the Trust and show their support for Zeynah who has also been collecting sponsorship from family and their friends.

Proud mum Sahira Ali said: "We'd been talking about what do do with her hair when she goes away on residential with school because it's so long it would be hard for her to deal with by herself so it had to be cut. I asked what she'd do with it after and she went away to think about it. She went on her computer and came back saying I want to make another little girl feel like a princess, she'd found the Little Princess Trust website."

Zeynah hopes to raise £500 so it will also pay for special shampoo and after-care for the wig.

The Little Princess Trust helps children who have lost their own hair because of cancer or other illnesses.

To sponsor Zeynah go to gofundme.com/little-princess-hair-donation