A JUDGE was car-jacked in Bradford by two men who got away with her high-powered Audi, an iPad and £3,500 Rolex watch, a jury heard.

And a tracking app in the iPad led police to a second car stolen earlier, the trial at Bradford Crown Court was told yesterday.

Amir Khan, 18, of Brentwood Road, Bradford, denies a charge of burglary on October 28, 2015, at Valley Hill Road, Elland, the theft of a Mini from the same address, and the robbery of an Audi S3 Quattro from Phoenix House, Sunbridge Road, Bradford, on October 30, 2015.

The car-jacking and robbery of the Audi being driven by judge Lindsay Golland occurred two days after property was stolen from a flat in Elland – along with a set of car keys for a Mini, the court heard.

Mark Brookes, prosecuting, said that on October 28, 2015, Dean Rowley had left his Valley Hill Road flat at 1.30pm and returned at 5.30pm to find it had been burgled. The Mini was still at the address at 8pm but by 10am the following morning it was gone.

Mr Brookes said two days later Lindsay Golland, a district tribunal judge at an immigration tribunal hearing centre at Phoenix House, was leaving the secure car park in her white Audi when she was approached by two men from a blue BMW parked near the entrance.

“The passenger from the BMW opened her car passenger door and she grabbed her handbag,” he said. “The man shouted at her to get out and another man opened her driver’s side door. She clung to the steering wheel but the car lurched forward and she fell out, sustaining some injuries.”

He said she claimed a quantity of personal items – including gold and diamond jewellery and a Rolex watch, valued at £3,500 – was in the car when it was stolen.

“There was an iPad in the boot which was fitted with a tracking app and police followed the iPad travelling along Thursby Street, Faversham Street and then to Wetland Street, Bradford,” said Mr Brookes.

He said when police arrived at Wetland Street the iPad was located inside a Mini which had false plates. Witnesses reported a blue BMW being driven away at speed. The Mini was Mr Rowley’s, stolen the previous day.

Mr Brookes added that forensic checks of the false plates revealed fingerprints belonging to the defendant. A search of the defendant’s bedroom at his parents’ house in Pearson Street, Bradford, revealed a key which fitted the stolen Mini and an electronic fob which belonged to Lindsay Golland.

The trial continues.