ARTWORK by people who have fled their home countries to find safety in the UK is now on display in the Bradford Peace Museum.

Journeys is an exhibition that mixes artwork by refugees with photography of the Jungle refugee camp in Calais.

Running until May 19, the exhibition features work by people originally from places including Kabaw in Libya, Aleppo in Syria and Shiraz in Iran.

The exhibition is a collaboration with the Bradford Immigration and Asylum Support and Advice Network.

The images, which represent themes such as home and belonging, have previously been on display in the National Science and Media Museum, and after the Peace Museum exhibition ends they will go on display in Skipton.

The photographs of the Jungle were taken by Peace Museum worker Samayya Afzal, who visited in late 2015 and again in February 2016. They include photographs of graffiti at the site and the communities that had been created there.

The camp, housing thousands of migrants, has since been demolished.

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