A MAN has been tasered and arrested after running riot and shooting a BB gun in a busy park area.

West Yorkshire Police were called to Crowgill Park, in Shipley town centre, at around 7.15pm this evening following reports the man was threatening people with the gun.

Inspector Graham Hawcroft said: "The man was running around and pointing the gun at people and threatening to shoot them as well as himself. He appeared to have mental health issues and is believed to have been a patient at Lynfield Mount Hospital at some point.

"Police went along and cordoned off the park for public safety. The man, who is 64, became irritated and tried to run and he was tasered and arrested for his own protection as well as other people locally.

The cordon was cleared soon afterwards.


Police have today revealed that it was firearms officers that were called to deal with the man.

The man, who was reported to have fired the gun in the park, is now being held for further assessment.

A spokesman said: "Police were called to Crowgill Park in Shipley at 7.13pm yesterday following reports of a male firing a BB gun.

"Firearms officers were deployed to speak with the male, who was in his sixties and appeared to be in a distressed state.

"Officers continued to engage with the male and a cordon was put in place for public safety.

"The male then suddenly tried to make off from officers and taser was deployed to safely apprehend him.

"Ambulance staff were contacted and the male was taken to hospital for treatment and further assessment."

The park, in the centre of Shipley, is home to the Crowgill Park Bowling Club as well as a popular skate park.