A KEIGHLEY woman is organising an event to highlight concern at the UK legal system's treatment of victims of domestic abuse.

Campaigner Aisha Ali Khan is arranging the London gathering for Wednesday April 19, prompted by the recent case of cricketer Mustafa Bashir, who has been jailed for 18 months for attacking his wife.

Bashir initially avoided prison – sparking a public outcry – after falsely claiming that a jail sentence would stop him being awarded a professional contract with a county cricket club.

The judge in the same case attracted heavy criticism for suggesting Bashir's wife was not a victim because she was an intelligent university graduate with a network of friends.

Miss Khan explained: "In reaction to this, Asian Mums Network have organised an impromptu event to allow a strong discussion on this subject – Is the UK legal system failing victims of domestic violence, abuse and harassment?

"Our objective is to bring together a range of speakers, including victims and professionals working in this field, to answer this very important question.

"There are many other cases in which victims of domestic violence, abuse and harassment are being let down by the legal system daily.

"Examples include lenient sentences handed out to abusers, even after long drawn out trials in which the victims are subjected to intrusive, prying questioning by the defence and the police questioning the motives of those reporting sexual assault.

"I wanted to bring together a group of people from all backgrounds including professionals, campaigners and victims to share their experiences and best practice, and to see if we can find a way to help support victims, especially while they are fighting for justice."

The April 19 event, which will include a range of speakers, takes place at 6pm in House of Commons, St Margaret's Street, London.

People wanting to attend should visit eventbrite.co.uk/e/is-the-uk-legal-system-failing-victims-of-dv-abuse-harassment-tickets-33422123471 to book a place.