LOCAL leaders have criticised a technicality which enables tipper lorries to continue filling in a reservoir high on Baildon Moor.

A scheme to build two eco-bungalows at the disused Acre reservoir was refused by City Hall planners - but that has not stopped the wagons which is angering residents, said Baildon Town Council chairman Gill Dixon.

“Baildon Town Council shares the concerns of residents about the continued activity,” she said.

“We strongly opposed the planning application which has now been refused.”

An enforcement notice was put in place last month, banning any tipping.

“Unfortunately, the current owner has lodged an appeal,” Cllr Dixon said.

“This means Bradford Council is unable to enforce the notice until a decision is made by the Planning Inspectorate - and we understand this may be many months away.

“Regulations are very much in favour of the developer, allowing this flagrant breach of decisions made by Bradford Council, which are not enforceable because of the pending appeal process.

“We are working with the ward councillors for Baildon and have requested an urgent meeting with Philip Davies MP to press for speedier action on the appeal.

“Baildon Town Council is hugely disappointed at this situation and regrets that at present it is not able to do anything to intervene.”

Acre reservoir owner Andy Jones said he was within his rights to continue developing the site.

He said: “I am appealing against the planning refusal and am entitled to do what I’m doing.”

Shipley MP Philip Davies  (Con) said: “Baildon Town Council and the Baildon district councillors are absolutely right to be outraged about this. The current situation is intolerable.

“I have already written to the Planning Inspectorate to speed up the appeal and will continue do all I can to help.”

Councillor Mike Pollard (Con, Baildon) said he was concerned about the work too.