THE police crackdown on dangerous driving in the Bradford district has caught motorists breaking the law more than 4,000 times.

Operation Steerside officers have dealt with 4,063 drivers.

The operation started in February on the back of the Telegraph & Argus’ Stop The Danger Drivers campaign, which began last November and aims to highlight the standards of driving in Bradford while calling in changes to the law.

Sergeant Cameron Buchan, of the Safer Roads and Neighbourhood Support team, is leading Steerside.

“This operation represents our continued commitment to tackling dangerous driving in Bradford district," he said.

“We are grateful to the public for their support of this initiative, which is being carried out in addition to normal patrols, and hope that law-abiding road users are feeling safer and reassured by this ongoing work."

“We take public safety very seriously and will not tolerate motorists taking risks that could endanger the lives of others.”

Meanwhile, a motorist has told of their shock after witnessing some frightening driving on Lumb Lane, Manningham, which they caught on camera.

The driver was on Lumb Lane, driving away from the city centre, when they had to stop suddenly as a car pulled out of Bowland Street.

The offending driver can then be seen overtaking a car at speed, braking sharply behind another vehicle, before turning right into Clarendon Court. The distance between Bowland Street and Clarendon Court is about 470 feet.

The driver who caught the incident said: “As I approached the junction where the Sweet Centre is, a grey-coloured Audi pulled out right in front of me causing me to brake sharply. They then sped away at a very fast speed driving on the wrong side of the road and finally turned right into Clarendon Court.

“I am a disabled driver and was not only shook up by this I was absolutely appalled as to why someone would drive a high performance car in a manner that could’ve caused a catastrophic accident, even possibly killing someone. It was very fortunate that no children were in the vicinity nearby.”

Details of danger drivers can be reported to, 01274 373968, or 101.

All dash-cam footage should be stamped with a time and date and submitted with the owner’s details.

You can also send footage to the T&A to be featured as part of our campaign, to Please include your name and a daytime contact number.