A MOPED rider had his vehicle seized after being caught speeding along a main road while balancing a large bag of potatoes between his feet.

The incident came just a few weeks after the same rider was spotted precariously balancing a hedge trimmer and bag of laundry on the same vehicle.

On Saturday the moped was seen to be riding at speed on Dudley Hill Road towards Bolton Road.

The rider wasn’t displaying an L plate to the rear and was stopped on Norman Avenue.

Police then spotted the large bag of potatoes resting between the man's feet on the foot plate.

This bike and rider had been stopped by the same officer on June 3 on Wrose Road, Eccleshill, for the same offences.

On that occasion it was the hedge trimmers and bag of washing he was transporting. A warning was given on that occasion and he was stopped from riding further.

The bike was seized for the repeat driving licence offence and he was also reported for using a vehicle for an unsuitable purpose.

He will be required to attend Bradford & Keighley Magistrates Court in the near future.

PC Dave Hudson said: “Everybody deserves a warning under certain circumstances and that’s exactly what this rider got last month.

"We don’t expect to be ignored when warnings and advice are given out. Clearly he didn’t expect to be seen or stopped again and so thought it okay to ignore the advice."