A FAMILY who feel intimidated by travellers have vowed to stay put in their Bradford home despite coming under attack from stones and bags of flying faeces.

Steward Lindsey Wilson, who lives above East Ward Labour Club in Otley Road with her partner, Gareth Renard, and their three children, said she would not be driven out of her home.

Ms Wilson, 35, said: "The children are staying with friends but we will not leave our home. The travellers have made it clear they consider this to be their territory but it's not, it's our home and we will stay. We will not run from this bullying. Why should we be the ones to move out?"

Ms Wilson's plight first appeared in yesterday's Telegraph & Argus when she compared her plight to a "siege situation."

She said the abuse and attacks were continuing and in the latest incident she had been spat at and had also caught men peeping through her bathroom window.

"The police have come out but they can't do a thing. One officer told me being spat at was a low-level crime. He asked me what I wanted to do about it and when we discussed my options, he said it would probably make things even worse if I followed it up so I left it," she said.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: CCTV footage shows a boy pouring milk on the ground outside East Ward Labour Club

An image taken from CCTV cameras

"I am at breaking point now but I will do everything I can to protect my home and my family. I feel totally let down by the police and the council," she said.

Club CCTV footage handed to the Telegraph & Argus shows a young boy deliberately spilling milk by Ms Wilson's front door before running back with a bag that Ms Wilson said is filled with faeces. The bag is later seen being hit with a stick.

Ms Wilson also claims since the travellers and their eight caravans arrived one week ago that there have been threats to burn her family in their beds, that she has had a brick thrown at her head, has had her hand sliced open by broken glass being thrown and that a bag of faeces hit her 11-month-old baby as she tried to get his pram in to their house.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Lindsey Wilson says she will not be driven out of her home by travellers

Lindsey Wilson​ says she will not be driven out of her home

She said they have been climbing on the club's flat roof, breaking aerials, smashing glass retrieved from bottle banks and hurling abuse as well as missiles of stones and human waste.

Travellers spokesman Jimmy Murphy told the T&A they planned to stay until the end of March and denied causing any trouble.

A police spokesman said: "Police are continuing to monitor the situation at the East Ward Labour Club and have recorded a crime for a spitting incident in which a very young boy was alleged to have been involved. This has been filed on the complainant's instruction. Officers have also advised the family to make contact with the landowners to progress efforts to get the travellers removed." Bradford Council has also given the club legal advice.

Club secretary Philip Larkin said a solicitor had been instructed to get an official order to get the travellers moved off its land.

"We are doing all we can to sort this out," he added.