PEOPLE in Bradford are being asked if they would be happy for West Yorkshire to have an elected mayor, if it meant securing new powers for the region.

Council leader David Green is asking the public to email him directly with their thoughts on the idea, after Chancellor George Osborne made it clear that only areas with so-called 'metro mayors' would get a host of devolved powers.

Cllr Green said: "Currently 95 per cent of decisions that affect Bradford and our wider region are made in Whitehall by people who have little or no knowledge of our city, district or region. Decisions should be made at regional and local level by people with specific knowledge and understanding of local needs and opportunities.

"Bradford can continue to benefit from regional investment and increased devolved powers over transport, economic development and infrastructure planning.

"In the Queen’s Speech the Government made it very clear that regions who opt for devolution and directly elected ‘metro mayors’ will be given additional funding and powers over transport, including running local bus companies, infrastructure and economic development, policing and health."

Cllr Green said he wanted to hear whether people were prepared to have an elected ‘metro-mayor’ in order to gain devolved powers.

E-mail Cllr Green at