MORE than 150 young people from local schools in West Yorkshire met to share top tips on how to prevent bullying in their schools and communities.

The training day, at Bowling Old Lane Cricket Club, was held yesterday and was hosted by Bradford Academy.

The day brought together young people from primary and secondary schools, of all ages and abilities, across the region to be trained as “anti-bullying ambassadors”.

As well as tips to prevent bullying, the young people were advised on the best ways of helping others to feel safe in their schools.

The programme was run by The Diana Awards, a nationwide peer-led initiative with more than 9,600 trained ambassadors in over 870 schools across the UK.

Alex Holmes, programme manager, said: “As a former victim of bullying, I know how isolated and unhappy a young person can feel when they are being targeted by bullies and I am passionate about helping these people.

“The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors programme gives young people the confidence to stand together against bullies and support one another.

“We give ambassadors the skills and tools to successfully spread the message: bullying will not be tolerated.”

Salma Sharif, secondary pastoral manager at Bradford Academy, said: “We are delighted to be part of the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Programme and very proud to be hosting the training event.”