Muslim leaders have warned against the findings of a right-wing think tank which claims British Muslims want to see Sharia law imposed in this country.

A report published by Policy Exchange claims young British Muslims are becoming increasingly radical and more than one in eight admire Al Queda.

The report also states that for Sharia law, Islamic schools and wearing of the veil is stronger among young Muslims than their parents.

Bary Malik, chairman of the Bradford branch of the Ahmadiya Muslim Association, said he was shocked at the findings.

He said: "There are 73 sects of Islams. There is not one form of Sharia law.

The problem with straw polls is that they are misleading."

He said he knew many Muslims who were persecuted in their home countries so would not want to live under Sharia Law.

Rashid Awan, President of the Pakistan Society of West Yorkshire, said Sharia law would not happen and added people were not interested in it.

He condemned the research and said people did not want to be segregated and knew integration was the "only way to move forward."

Race relations minister Phil Woolas slammed the survey, saying it was "sinister in its intent and should not be given credibility."