A DISABLED Keighley mobility scooter user says she has been banned from using the drive-through lane at the town's McDonald's Restaurant.

Tina Cougill, who only has one lung and has heart disease, said she was "disgusted" to be told she would not be allowed to use the drive-through with her scooter again. She confirmed that her five-year-old son, Simon, had also been with her on the scooter at the time.

"I'm being discriminated against because I'm disabled," she said. "It isn't fair, and I feel really let down."

However, a spokesman for McDonald's responded that mobility scooters designed for road use were welcome at the restaurant's drive through lanes. She added that Mrs Cougill had only been told she would not be able to use this facility again if she was carrying an extra passenger.

Mrs Cougill, 48, said she had gone to the McDonald's in Hard Ings Road last Tuesday afternoon with her son.

She said: "Normally I park up up and take Simon inside, because I'm able to walk with a walking stick," she said. "If I could have walked into the restaurant with my son I would have done, but I wasn't feeling well that day so I used the drive-through instead.

"We did get served, but then a member of staff came out and said we could use the drive-through this time, but not again. He said it was because of 'health and safety'".

Mrs Cougill, of Redcliffe Street, said she challenged the restaurant's stance, and has pointed out that she was not holding up traffic or causing any other kind of obstruction.

"My scooter cost £4,500, and it's had its MOT, it's insured and taxed," she added. "It's legal to be used on the road, and I do use it on the road.

"We'd done nothing wrong, we hadn't broken any rules, and we'd used the drive through there before without anyone saying anything."

The McDonalnd's spokesman said: “Our Drive-thru lanes are suitable for safe use by cars, vans, motorbikes, mopeds, and mobility scooters designed for road use.

"On this occasion, while the mobility scooter in question was designed for road use, we understand that the driver of the mobility scooter also had a child on her lap.

"Safety is a top priority, and for this reason the restaurant team advised that we would be unable to serve this customer again in the Drive-thru, if they were carrying an extra passenger.”