A MASKED man who terrorised his family with a meat cleaver after suffering a mental breakdown has been spared an immediate prison sentence.

Joseph Robertshaw turned up at his mother's home at 4am with the weapon in one hand and a bottle of brandy in the other, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.

Robertshaw, 27, of no fixed address, had just spent time in Bradford's Lynfield Mount Hospital.

He threatened to smash down the door at his mother's house in Acre Lane, Wibsey, Bradford, and to put a brick through the window.

Prosecutor Clare Benson said Robertshaw had his hood up and a black mask on.

He brandished the cleaver in the house after drinking brandy and taking an overdose of diazapam.

Robertshaw's barrister, Anne-Marie Hutton, said his family were supportive and desperate for him to get better.

They would find him a home when he was released from custody, after being remanded in prison since the offence on May 9.

Miss Hutton said he had suffered mental problems after the breakdown of his relationship.

Robertshaw, who pleaded guilty to affray and having a meat cleaver and a kitchen knife as offensive weapons, was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with supervision and a high level activity requirement.