A BRADFORD manufacturing company served with a noise abatement notice is facing a fresh complaint despite work to make its processes quieter.

Flexiform, based in Leeds Road, was issued with the notice by Bradford Council following a complaint from neighbours Carole Chappel and her partner Neil Hindle, who live in Dick Lane.

Work had been done to minimise noise from the firm, but that had not resolved the issue and Environmental Health Service staff are now investigating a fresh complaint about the plant.

John Major, the Council's assistant director of environmental and regulatory services, said: "The Environmental Health Service carried out an investigation into the noise complaints made by Miss Chappell and a noise abatement notice was served on Flexiform.

"The work had to be completed by the beginning of this month and the company has told us that it has carried out the work required.

" Miss Chappell has made a further complaint about the noise and we will investigate this further with a thorough assessment to be carried out in the coming weeks by our officers."

Nick Hewitt, of Flexiform, said the machines used in the office furniture manufacturing process had been in place and used in the same way for the last 12 years, adding the noise complaint "had come out of nowhere".

He said the company had employed specialists to identify how noise could be reduced and had followed their advice.

"We had a complaint from a neighbour and have worked with the environmental people and had our own independent assessment which recommended work and we carried that out.

"In theory, it should all be sorted. The neighbour still thinks the noise is loud. We have carried out the work as per the expert's recommendation and we believe the council will say it is greatly reduced.

"It is now up to the council to establish whether it is above a certain level. If so, we will do more work. We have dealt with it as soon as we could and have spent a lot of money doing so," he said.