BINGLEY is to get a new dance bar, but not a full-blown nightclub and only until midnight, planners have decided.

Businessman Rory Procter applied to turn an unused unit in the 5 Rise shopping centre into a late night venue staying open from 12noon on Saturday until 5am on Sunday and from 5pm to 11pm Monday to Friday.

The former pub landlord and Bingley resident for 25 years argued that evening trade has been hit because the town lacks a final destination for revellers.

In his application statement Mr Procter said: "We see that trade has dropped off consistently since a late night bar that plays music is no longer in the town."

He said that punters were heading to Keighley and Leeds instead.

"We wish to bring trade back to Bingley," Mr Procter said.

Planning officers saw the need to make the most of empty retail space and that so long as the venue blended in with the locality, there was no objection to the change of use.

"The proposal includes the creation of a new frontage which is similar to the adjacent betting shop, adverts may need separate consent and it is not considered that it will detract from the appearance of the surrounding area," it was agreed.

But they rejected the claim that 5am opening was needed and that in effect would turn the application into one for a nightclub rather than a late bar.

"It has been stated that the premises will have a large dance floor and be a late night venue.

"This suggests that the application is actually for a night club rather than a drinking establishment which is what has been applied for.

"This also suggests that there is no demand for further drinking establishments in Bingley as the market is already saturated. However, the application shall be determined as it has been submitted," the Bradford Council officers concluded.

In granting planning permission, the report noted that the Harvester public house is relatively close by.

"There are also other drinking establishments in the vicinity.

"Many of the established pubs in the centre do not have hours restrictions from planning as they may never have had to have obtained planning permission."

It noted that while some night-time disturbance was acceptable, due to nearby homes and the quiet nature of that part of town the noise from the bar and people leaving mean opening hours would be limited to midnight.

Bingley Chamber of Trade chairman Howard Martin said the new bar was already being fitted out to a high standard and should prove an asset for the town.

"I hope it will be a good addition to the town's nightlife and look forward to it opening," Mr Martin said.