A BLITZ on untidy gardens by police and Council wardens, called for by residents, has yielded results.

Police organised the action in the Shearbridge area of Bradford after a resident contacted them about problems including rubbish in gardens, untidy back streets and anti-social behaviour.

Officers from the Bradford West Neighbourhood Policing Team and Council officers agreed a course of action, producing a letter which was hand-delivered to residents explaining how to report anti-social behaviour and be proactive in recording information which could be used as evidence.

A Council clean team removed litter in the streets and fly tipping on the roads so that each street could be cleaned by a mechanical sweeper. Ten contaminated recycling bins that had been left in alleys for many weeks were removed.

Council wardens audited the area the week before and visited properties that had waste in their back gardens. Of the 24 properties identified, residents of 16 removed their waste and tidied their yards after a visit from Council wardens.

Residents were told that over the following weeks wardens would continue to visit the area.