A petrol station anti-crime campaign group is to seek talks with Bradford police chiefs this week after a new string of offences of drivers making off without paying for fuel.

The British Oil Security Syndicate (BOSS) is keen to set up a Forecourt Watch scheme in Bradford, after figures released by police showed make off thefts had risen by 15 per cent in the district.

In the three months from April to June this year there were 195 offences of making off without paying for petrol, compared to 169 for the same period last year.

BOSS has worked with West Yorkshire Police to set up Forecourt Watch schemes in Halifax, Huddersfield and Wakefield, but the scheme in Bradford has lapsed.

BOSS's regional co-ordinator, John Turtle, said he was disappointed that fuel thefts appeared to be on the rise in Bradford and he was keen to work with police there again.

Yesterday he said he would try to contact Bradford District Crime Manager, Detective Chief Inspector Jonathan Blackwell, in the next week to discuss the situation.

West Yorkshire Police has continued to put make off offenders on its Caught On Camera website in the hope that the public will identify them.

In the last few days new images have been put on the site of suspects carrying out fuel thefts around Bradford and Shipley during July. In one image, three offenders seem to be working together to steal petrol.

Despite repeated requests, over several days, by the Telegraph & Argus for an interview or statement on the issue, West Yorkshire Police failed to respond.

Previously, Det Chief Insp Blackwell said police had worked with retailers in certain locations to reduce offending at garages which had been hardest hit before. He said officers had been helping garages to improve security and detection methods through CCTV.

He added: "We recognise there is a long way to go, and we regularly liaise with BOSS to better understand this problem and improve forecourt protection."